September 2011 Meeting Minutes

RSES Raleigh Chapter 04050

Sept. 15, 2011
Training class/Business
Dinner was from 6pm to 6:30pm
Meeting 6:30 – 7:00 pm
Discussed our next  topic for Oct.”s  training class
Freeman Barn gave a quick explanation on the subject for the class. Virginia Air will be doing the training.
Paul, Don and Tim discussed the use of our web page and the advantages of using it. We worked hard on getting this web page going for our Chapter to have great access for checking into our events, venders, minutes, board members positions etc. We do encourage ever one to use this tool. It also helps us in informing the membership of change of events or new events along with our e-mail addresses to send us any ideals you may have for a training class etc.
Board members present were,                                                     Tim Dyer CM: President. 

Paul Noga       : Vice President.                                              Freeman Barns: Second Vice President.                                        Don Nicholson: Treasure
Number of attendants: 17
Company: Controls Inc.
Speaker: Mr. Billy Brisson
Subject: Electric Gas Controls
Billy was great! Thank Bill when you see him for taking time away from his family to teach us on the controls. He has been doing this for many of years and has a vast knowledge to tap into should you get stuck out here in the field.
We closed with some questions from our members and guest to Billy and he stayed to the end to answer all of them.  Thanks again to Billy!
Minute done by: Tim Dyer President

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