November 2011 Meeting Minutes

RSES Raleigh Chapter 04050

November   17, 2011  
Training meeting
Subject:      Heat Pump systems
Speaker:    Guy Holsclaw
Attendants: 18
Dinner at 6pm Class started at 6:30 pm
I introduced the (speaker)  Guy Holsclaw of Johnstone Supply to the attendants and he took over from there .
He was teaching the class on trouble shooting heat pumps. He demonstrated his presentation by showing a breakdown of the components of the refrigerant side and electrical side and explaining there functions and how to test them.
Also mention to the class our web site and to check the web site for upcoming future events and other offers.
Invited the nonmembers to join our chapter.  I also asked that members become more involved with the Chapter, by taking an active role in the Chapter,either on the Executive Board or other areas.
Again many thanks to Guy  Holsclaw   for doing such a fine job in explaining the components of the heat pump system and how they relate to each other in the unit.  Sure helped send home  how the system works.
This was our last training class for the year 2011. Guys thanks for all your support!

It is rewarding to see the service techs of our community become more confident in their skills.
There will be business meeting December 17,2011. I really would appreciate some new faces there to help plan our next up and coming training classes. New ideals are always welcome.
Minute done by: Tim Dyer CM , President and Don Nicholson, Treasure

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