June 2011 Meeting Minutes

RSES Raleigh Chapter 04050.

June 16, 2011 Meeting started at 6.00pm

Meeting / Training

Attendance : Freeman Barns

                   Don Nicholson

                   Arnold Bishop


                  Tim Dyer

                  Richard Stencil

Training class canceled due to Speaker unable to make it. He had something come up.

We discussed who would run fliers to our supply houses. To get the info out more efficiently.

Freeman Barns, Donald Nicholson and Tim Dyer will divide the supply houses.

Deadline for Election nominees for officers and election.

Tim Dyer made the motion to pay expenses: web page expense, computer purchase, quickbooks software and checks.

2nd by Arnold Bishop, all in favor.

There will be no new training classes for July and August due to our busy season.

Also we had bad turn out of members for the meeting.

Tim Dyer express the importance of all of our members participating in our Chapters

Business and training meeting. We all can gain so much from each other experiences if we just share them. So if you want to grow in knowledge and interact with your comrades in our field you need to attend.

Also if and when we have a speaker, we really need to be there. They go out of their way to help us in our training.

Let’s have a great turn out for our July meeting and election.

Remember if you don’t put anything into this how will you get anything out of it?

Meeting closed at 7.30pm.

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