How To Join

By becoming a member of RSES you are joining an organization that is committed to developing and maintaining the highest standards of professional competence by providing and encouraging professional and continuing education in the HVACR industry.

If you would like to become a member of RSES, please select the appropriate application form listed below. You may complete your application online and pay with a credit card or you can print the application and mail or fax the application and your payment, along with any additional required information to:

1666 Rand Road
Des Plaines IL 60016-3552
Fax: 847/297-5038

Who Should Join?

Any individual actively engaged in the HVACR industry including:
• Contractors
• Service Technicians/Installers
• Operations/Maintenance Personnel
• Engineers
• Sales
• Instructors
• Students 

Student Membership (PDF)

If you are a student who is currently enrolled in an accredited HVACR program and would like to join RSES you may qualify for RSES Student Membership. Student membership provides students with an introduction to the Society while gaining the benefits of full membership. (The only benefit that students must await is the ability to take the Certificate Member or Specialist examinations.) Student membership dues are one-half of the International direct dues amount (currently $51.50) and all new students will receive their choice of an RSES student hat or t-shirt.

Students may retain Student Member classification for a period of four years, as long as they are actively enrolled in an accredited HVACR program.

(Note: Students are required to submit proof of enrollment in a program by submitting a copy of their class schedule, current school ID, or a letter from the instructor on school letterhead stating they are enrolled in the program. This can be attached to the online application form or submitted via mail/fax.) Join now!

Individual Membership (PDF)

Keeping up with the latest advances in the HVACR industry can be a challenge, but becoming a member of RSES can provide the training and education to help you stay up to speed with the latest information, procedures and advances to help you achieve your career goals.

As an RSES member, you have access to vast educational resources including a subscription to the RSES Journal and access to the RSES Journal archives online, the RSES Service Application Manual (SAM), education and reference materials at special discounted member rates, classroom-based Chapter training and meetings, intensive one- and two-day technical seminars, online training and more!

Considering the wealth of materials that RSES offers members to help them in their careers, it’s no surprise that RSES’ specialized HVACR training and education programs are the primary reason that individuals join RSES. The current membership rate is $103/year. Join now!

Lifetime Membership (PDF)

Individuals who understand the benefits of continuing education and professional development may choose to join RSES as a lifetime member. Lifetime members pay one lump sum fee (currently $2,000) and are extended full RSES membership privileges for the duration of their lives. (Please note: Existing members of RSES who wish to obtain Lifetime Membership must pay the full amount – it is not pro-rated based on number of years already paid.) Please contact the Membership Department for more information on the Lifetime Membership.

Corporate Membership (PDF)

How much could your company benefit from joining the most dynamic HVACR education and training organization in the world? We invite you to find out!

Companies who wish to extend support of the educational opportunities available to the industry through RSES while gaining access to the benefits of membership at a company level – access to training, discounts and more – are invited to join!  Multiple categories and payment structures available. See application for more information. Join now!

For more information regarding membership in RSES call 800/297-5660 x2336 or e-mail